PHASTAR listed in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table – A personal note of thanks

Phastar-2The company I founded in 2007, PHASTAR, is today listed on the prestigious Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table of Britain’s fastest growing companies. 2015 Fast Track 100 logoThis award recognises the extraordinary growth of the company, due to hard working staff, as well as satisfied and loyal customers returning with repeat business.

Personally, this achievement means a huge amount to me, as I do not get much time to take a step back and realise that the company I have been working tirelessly on for the last 8 years is now a success. Coming from a working class background – I grew up on a council estate in the suburbs of Glasgow – with no initial capital added additional hurdles in establishing a successful business. There have been many challenges along the way, and there have been numerous occasions when I considered progressing the business an impossible task. Running a company can be an emotional roller coaster, with fantastically rewarding days but also occasions when you have to face some really tough challenges. Without the support of everyone around me – friends, family, staff members and loyal customers – the business would not be a viable proposition. I want to recognise the efforts that everyone has made, and express my sincere thanks for support over the years.

This achievement is absolutely a team award. There have been many contributors involved over the years whose support has been instrumental. My partner, Mardi, who has not only put up with my long working hours, but has also been a great support along the way, and has always been there in good times and bad. Since day 1 of setting up the company, there has been a marked change in the effort I am able to make socially, with friends and family. I used to be a social organiser, but don’t get the time these days. I am very grateful to all my friends and family who have put up with my pitiful efforts over the last 8 years, but are still there when I need them.

The team at PHASTAR amaze me. I always revel in the fact that I have personally chosen most of the people at PHASTAR, which has the pleasant side effect that I really like the team of people I work with. I was deeply touched earlier this year when we had a challenging deadline – working on a revolutionary drug for lung cancer – which had been developed from the laboratory bench to being approved for sales in a record time. The team rallied, with most of the company stepping in to help, and we delivered what had seemed like an impossible task, in the wee hours that morning. I was amazed at the level of dedication that everyone in the company demonstrated that day, and continue to demonstrate each and every day. I want to sincerely thank all PHASTAR team members – each of you have contributed to the success of the company, and to achieving this award.

There are quite a few ex-employees who have moved on to fresh pastures, but have made a significant contribution to the company. Many of these individuals I still consider to be friends, and I absolutely value the work that was carried out when they were at PHASTAR, and am happy to have remained friends through thick and thin.

Particularly in the last few weeks, I have spent a significant amount of time talking to our current clients. I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback I have received – that our work is head and shoulders above our much larger competitors. As well as the quality of our work, I hear that we are much more flexible and easier to work with than most other suppliers of statistical and medical writing services. It is certainly my ambition to focus on delivering the best quality work with the minimum of fuss and administrative overhead. Without the support and repeat business from these customers, we would not be a growing and successful company.

Every year at PHASTAR I learn new skills, face new challenges, welcome new staff and work with new customers. I relish and look forward to facing the future challenges, with your help and support.

Thank you so much!