Trying to Post Jobs to the Government’s Universal Jobmatch website

As the owner of a growing company, we are frequently advertising jobs and looking to find talented people. Most of the time I am looking for good experienced statisticians and programmers, and these people are hard to find. Now that my company is a little bigger, we’ve decided that we could take on a group of people and train them in some parts of our job. They would need a basic understanding of either medical research or computing programming, a logical mind and good communication. In return, we’re offering a classroom based training course followed by dedicated support for a number of months. Given that there are 2.5 million unemployed in the UK, and we are not looking for our usual specific set of skills, we want to advertise on the government’s new website, Universal Jobmatch.

The login details to access the Jobmatch website are the same as a company uses to access taxation web-based services. We’ve used these for a number of years without problems. After registering for the Jobmatch website, as soon as we log in, we have an error saying the password has expired. This can’t be the case, as it’s the same password to access taxation services, and the password works OK there.

We contacted the help desk on the 24th Feb 2013. It’s now 3rd March and there’s been no response at all. We’ve tried contacting again on a number of occasions but cannot manage to speak to anyone.

Given the current state of the UK economy, you would think that linking employers’ jobs to unemployed job seekers would be a top priority, but this does not seem to be the case.

I’m writing this blog in the hope that someone reading it can help sort this mess out, both for my job advert, but also for other employers who may want to use the service.

I have read many other complaints about the Jobmatch website, but they are all from job seekers. The new website is run by Monster. I do agree that there is a potential for other agencies not to want to pass details of their jobs to Mobster, but this is another matter.


5 thoughts on “Trying to Post Jobs to the Government’s Universal Jobmatch website

  1. The only top priority of the DWP is to ensure that they can sanction as many people as possible while painting the unemployed as being lazy. As to your issues though your posts sound incredibly specialised and probably should be aimed at a more specialist recruitment site. I hope it works out though but real job seekers avoid UJM like the plague.

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