Elton John’s Winter Ball

I am waking up disappointed this morning. One of the highlights of last night’s Winter Ball to raise funds for Elton John AIDS Foundation was meeting Matthew Cain, the arts correspondent for Channel 4. I chatted with Matthew, and he was warm and funny, complaining about the lack of eligible single men. When I pointed out that the waiters were all 6ft 3 models, he responded by telling me he’d just wasted 20 minutes chatting one up to find out he’s straight.

The ball was a glittering success. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (we’ll, maybe apart from the couple who were arguing about whether she should have given David Furness her business card). The cocktails, provided freely by Grey Goose were a taste bud sensation.

Emeli Sande started off the entertainment, giving us a few songs before being joined by Labrinth, who got the crowd rocking. His set was excellent, a mix of pop, urban dance and electronica. Emeli watched on, sipping a glass of red wine whilst happily agreeing to be photographed by all.

The night progressed to the poolside dance floor (the pool was electronically projected, Club Tropicana style). A few of the girls and gays were pole dancing around one of the columns. People, including me, were throwing shapes on the dance floor.

Here’s where my disappointment lies. Matthew tweeted that there were a bunch of rich white men who couldn’t dance. Is he including me in this? Surely not?!

He was right about the lack of eligible men though. What was surprising was the number of hopeful single girls there. Bit of advice to them… If you’re looking for a (rich?) husband, Elton John’s parties might not be the best place.

And so, until next year…



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